Where We Go From Here: HAA Earth Week Recap

Last month, HAA was proud to participate in the #EnjoyTheEarthLA campaign, where we shared important ways to challenge ourselves to go green by incorporating sustainable practices into our daily lives. 

There’s no denying the evidence that shows human activity directly impacts our air cleanliness — it’s particularly clear as we continue to make behavioral changes due to #COVID19. LA residents are enjoying the cleanest air in decades because of a reduction in travel. 

HAA believes that every human being has a right to breathe clean air, free of dangerous pollutants. Unfortunately, millions of Californians are still exposed to unhealthy levels of particulate matter. We must do more to address this health crisis by first recognizing the affect air quality has on public health.

The good news is we have the power to help improve our air quality by committing ourselves to reducing transportation emissions and by choosing to make more climate-conscience decisions. Let’s reimagine our future with fewer cars on the road and more ways to walk, bike and safely use public transit when regular activity resumes after COVID-19. 

Additionally, there have been major developments in alternative fuel sources, which have proven to have immense benefits on public health. By pursuing sustainability, biofuel producers have made huge gains in both energy efficiency and water conservation. 

We must commit to transitioning to cleaner, more innovative solutions. That’s why HAA is calling on policymakers to implement sustainable solutions, including electric vehicles and greener fuel blends that will help keep emissions down.

Over the past couple of weeks, and especially during Earth Week, we have seen substantial evidence that human activity directly impacts our air. It’s clear: we must do more to transition California to a healthier, more sustainable society.

Thank you for joining us for #EnjoyTheEarthLA. Together, we can deliver healthy air for all. 

P.S. Earth Month may be over, but there are practical steps you can take to have a direct impact on air quality all year long. Take a look:

  1. Walk, bike, carpool or take public transit.
  2. Reduce, reuse and recycle!
  3. Turn the lights off when you leave the room! 
  4. Make your home more energy efficient.
  5. Don’t use pesticides in your garden!
  6. Plant a tree in your backyard. 
  7. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Every 5% of under-inflation translates to a 1% decrease in fuel efficiency.
  8. Get involved. Join HAA to become an advocate for healthy air for all.

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