CARB Fosters Healthier Communities Starting With Cleaner Air for All

Emissions from petroleum-based fuels spew chemicals and pollutants, affecting our air quality and harming our environment. The California Air Resources Board is working on stronger requirements to report air quality Read More

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kevin de León Support Sustainable Societies and Promote Cleaner Transportation Options

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, is joining forces with an influential Democrat to tackle one of California’s biggest problems: pollution from cars and trucks. The transportation sector is California’s Read More

The Negative Effects of Petroleum-Based Fuels on Our Environment

You may know that the transportation sector relies heavily on petroleum, but do you know the impact that it has on our environment and our health? Emissions from petroleum-based fuels Read More

Could A Green New Year Be the Key to Healthy Communities and Sustainable Societies?

Air pollution is one of the greatest health threats, and vulnerable populations need our help. We must look to clean, low-carbon transportation solutions. Could a Green New Deal be a Read More

California Scientists Push for Greener Technology and Cleaner Transportation

As we adapt to the impacts of climate change, we must remember that the solution is in our hands. By working to improve air quality and supporting greener technology innovation, Read More

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