“Talks On Air” 2022

Because April is “Earth Month” and May is “Clean Air Month,” we’re taking this opportunity to connect with various organizations and people from the community to talk about what they’re doing to reduce air pollution and clean the air for all of us. Take a look to see what’s happening!

The Bakersfield Native American Health Project

Our #TalksOnAir series continues with the Bakersfield Native American Health Project, an organization promoting health in California’s native communities and trying to be more environmentally friendly through the use of electric cars. Learn more about their program here: https://www.bakersfieldaihp.org/

Pastor William Smart | Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California

Watch as Pastor William Smart, president & CEO of Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California and HAA advisory board member, describes his passion for environmental justice.

Learn more about their efforts here: https://www.sclc-sc.org/

Colleen Wallace, Mayor of Banning, CA

Today’s #TalksOnAir video features Colleen Wallace, mayor pro tem of Banning, CA. Watch as she discusses opportunities to actively reduce the carbon footprint in her city and elsewhere. 

Learn more about Mayor Wallace and Banning, CA, here: http://www.banning.ca.us/566/Mayor-Pro-Tem—Colleen-Wallace

Mi Familia Vota

Mi Familia Vota is a national organization uniting immigrant, Latino & allied communities to promote social, economic & environmental justice in the U.S. We’re thrilled to be featuring them as a part of our #TalksOnAir video series. 🎥 Learn more here: https://www.mifamiliavota.org/

Sacramento Tree Foundation

Calling all tree lovers. 🌳 🌳 🌳 

Today we’re happy to feature the Sacramento Tree Foundation in our monthly Talks On Air series. Watch as Victoria Vasquez – a community organizer – talks about the environmental implications of Sacramento’s many urban forests and what her organization is doing to achieve environmental justice. Learn more here: https://sactree.org/

Valley Vision

The first video in our Earth Month #TalksOnAir video series, Valley Vision is spearheading the use of solar-powered monitors to measure air pollution levels across California.

Learn more about their mission here: https://valleyvision.org

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