OPINION: We must look beyond diesel; our lives depend on it

We are living in unprecedented times. The heaviness is pendulous. The daily images are discomforting. Perhaps most worrisome is that the facts to support the emotions are real and sobering.

Representing American Cancer Society in the Los Angeles Central Coast, we are relentlessly working to save lives by helping more people engage in wellness behavior while supporting research to find cures. A challenging task is to translate scientific data to reach diverse audiences, particularly vulnerable populations since we recognize that ZIP code is a higher cancer risk factor than genetic code. For instance, the most prominent rates of lung cancer in the Los Angeles area exist along transportation hubs such as Long Beach, Carson, Wilmington and Torrance. Even during the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, 40% of goods around the country we all order, and increasingly to our homes, travel first through these and other Los Angeles communities.

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