New York Times’ Interactive Map Depicts Air Quality, Pollution Inequity in CA

Earlier this year, the American Lung Association found that California is home to seven of the 10 most-polluted cities in the country

Now, an interactive widget from the New York Times offers data visualizations of one type of air pollution, PM2.5 – a microscopic particulate pollution – and its relative presence in cities around the world.

See an example of the widget below: 

See how your city compares here → 

The article goes on to describe how “pollution does not affect all groups equally:

A recent study found that in the United States, people of color tend to breathe dirtier air than white Americans, despite contributing far less to overall pollution. Around the world, the poorest suffer from unhealthy air. 

This piece highlights the necessity for us to find cleaner transportation solutions, green innovations and faster ways to make our communities sustainable – for everyone. 

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