Healthy Air Alliance Supports LA City Council Energy, Climate, and Environment Proposal to Safeguard Residents from Oil and Gas Wells

We saw positive progress this past week in helping to improve our air as the Los Angeles City Council Energy, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice Committee moved to consider implementing a zoning policy that would impose a human health and safety buffer ordinance for oil wells.  

Healthy Air Alliance Executive Director Jim Kennedy offered our support for the proposal during the Dec. 1 committee meeting and highlighted how this proposed health and human safety buffer ordinance would help make our communities more equitable and air healthier to breathe. You can listen to Jim’s comments and the full committee meeting here.

This effort would require a buffer of 2,500 ft to safeguard residential and sensitive commercial properties from oil and gas wells as part of Los Angeles City’s Just Transition campaign. HAA works to maximize the ways we can make our air healthier, from reducing our dependence on fossil fuels to decreasing carbon intensity of our transportation fuels under the Low Carbon Fuels Standard. Oil wells are often located in under-resourced communities, unfairly exposing the communities to toxic air and exacerbating health issues. This action taken this week is a step in the right direction. 

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