Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is an environmental policy consultant and urban strategist whose work focuses on deepening democracy and facilitating dynamic public engagement to improve outcomes. He has advised two mayors on how to effectively communicate complex decisions related to the cost, impacts, and benefits of environmental policy on communities. Abdul-Matin is the founder of Green Squash Consulting, a management consulting firm based in New York that works to promote equity and justice. He has previously worked for Green For All, Green City Force, Interfaith Leaders for Environmental Justice, the Prospect Park Alliance, and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning & Sustainability. He is the author of Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet. Abdul-Matin sits on the boards of the International Living Future Institute, encouraging the creation of a regenerative-built environment, and Sapelo Square, whose mission is to celebrate and analyze the experiences of Black Muslims in the United States.

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