Healthy Air Alliance Names #HealthyAirAdvocates

We believe there are ways we can immediately reduce air pollution, lower emissions, improve health outcomes and support cleaner transportation options for all.

As part of our dedication to healthier air, we’ve identified a shortlist ofhealthy air advocates who have made significant contributions to the fight for healthier air in California and beyond.

Learn more about these important organizations below!

California Air Resources Board (CARB)
For fifty years, CARB has brought progress to clean California’s air and mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Learn more about their important work:

Adrian Dybwad – Founder, Purple Air
Adrian Dybwad began PurpleAir after people showed interest in his air monitoring equipment. His “Internet of Things” air sensors help amateurs and professionals track air quality in their area. Learn more:

Coalition for Clean Air
The Coalition for Clean Air’s California Clean Air Day initiative encourages policymakers, thought leaders and organizations to come together to fight air pollution. This year, the Coalition’s microgrants helped launch 31 Clean Air Day events in California this year – and inspired 316 organization, 124 regional committee members, and 31 mayors to pledge support for cleaner air. Read more about their efforts:

BREATHE LA, a campaign of End Diesel Now, is drafting a series of open letters to the leadership of the Ports of LA and Long Beach and others to address air pollution from diesel trucks. See how their initiative is keeping air healthy for all:

California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection
CAL FIRE is on the front lines, battling the effects of climate change and working toward better fire prevention management. They safeguard Californians and protect our state’s precious natural resources.

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