HAA Welcomes New CARB Leadership

We are pleased to welcome the new chair of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Liane Randolph, and congratulate her on this critical appointment. We are confident that Chair Randolph will lead CARB as she has done throughout her distinguished career to improve the quality of life for Californians.

We feel confident that President Joe Biden’s leadership on environmental priorities coupled with Chair Randolph’s dedication to promoting healthier air for ALL Californians means that progress is imminent. This new era is an opportunity for a cleaner, healthier future for California.

We also commend Governor Newsom on the appointments of new CARB team members Chanell Fletcher, deputy executive officer of environmental justice, and Deldi Reyes, director of the Office of Community Air Protection (DOCAP). Their work will be vital to CARB’s mission of creating a cleaner, healthier breathing environment for all Californians, and we look forward to collaborating on this important endeavor.

Here at the Healthy Air Alliance, our priorities are based on the foundational belief that clean air is a right for all. That requires equitable solutions for communities that have been plagued with poor air quality for too long.

We extended our support and expertise to CARB for efforts that will have a more immediate positive health impact on communities across the state, particularly in Sacramento, Central Valley and Los Angeles.

We should not overlook this generation while we move toward long-term solutions to achieve the state’s clean air goals, and that is why we support taking actions that will make a difference today to improve air quality.

We hope to be a resource for CARB as it works toward our shared goal of improving air quality for Californians.

To learn more about HAA’s policy priorities, click here.

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