HAA Presents Health Data, Highlights Regional Disparities at Valley Vision’s Cleaner Air Partnership Panel

In December, HAA Advisory Board Member and Executive Director of the American Cancer Society for the Los Angeles-Central Coast Area Dan Witzling joined Valley Vision’s Cleaner Air Partnership to share information on the disproportionate cancer rates in transportation corridors in the South Sacramento region of California. More than 50 participants from across the California environmental justice movement joined the discussion, which centered around the partnership’s mission to minimize “smog-forming emissions from mobile sources, such as cars and trucks, which are the dominant source of the capital region’s air pollution.”

Dan’s presentation pointed to specific upticks in a multitude of cancer rates surrounding transportation corridors, comparing those to neighborhoods positioned further from high-trafficked roadways. Dan demonstrated additional inequities for impacted communities by comparing health disparity data with racial demographics in the region. His presentation sparked conversation among participants, calling attention to the need to have more and better mapping to better understand where specific health disparities exist.

HAA will continue to raise awareness about the health impacts of poor air quality and finding solutions to reduce emissions and improve air quality to protect the health of our California communities. The full presentation is available on the Valley Vision website, along with the full event.

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