Healthy Air Alliance Supports California’s Right to Set Vehicle Emission Standards

As home to most cars and the worst air quality in the country,
California must continue to enforce tougher standards
to cut emissions, gasoline bills and fossil fuel use

Los Angeles, California, September 20, 2019 – The Healthy Air Alliance affirmed its support of Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Xavier Becerra and California Air Resources Board (CARB) Chair Mary Nichols’ efforts to uphold the state’s authority to set its own vehicle emissions standards. 

“We are home to the most vehicles and worst air quality in the country, which is why California must continue to set fuel economy standards that cut tailpipe and CO2 emissions,” said Jim Kennedy with the Healthy Air Alliance. “California’s most vulnerable communities pay a disproportionate price for poor air quality. More fuel-efficient cars not only reduce emissions and save consumers on fuel costs, they also help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. It’s time for us to step forward with cleaner transportation solutions, not step back.” 

Governor Newsom, Attorney General Becerra, and CARB Chair Mary Nichols committed to fighting the Trump Administration’s announcement to revoke a 50-year old waiver that allowed the state to establish its own vehicle emission standards. According to the Attorney General’s press release, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has granted 100 waivers for California standards. 

Over the last five decades, both Democrat and Republican administrations have recognized the state of California’s authority to set state vehicle emission standards as long as they meet minimum federal standards. This longstanding policy relationship has allowed California to lead other states in demanding increasingly cleaner vehicles and healthier air for all.  

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