Healthy Air Alliance is a group of advocates who believe there are ways we can immediately reduce air pollution, and that discussion of actionable solutions must include cleaner fuel choices that will immediately lower harmful emissions, improve health in our most vulnerable communities, and make cleaner and more affordable transportation solutions available to all.

Our Values

  • We RECOGNIZE that harmful emissions from petroleum-based fuels are killing our planet, poisoning millions and bankrupting our future.
  • We UPHOLD the values of environmental justice and embrace all those who would join our fight for vulnerable communities, where too many families are disproportionately impacted by poor air quality.
  • We KNOW that we cannot afford to wait. Change must start now, with clean, sensible and cost-effective strategies to reduce transportation emissions, the primary source of toxic pollutants and greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere.

Our Mission

  1. Support earth-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels that will ensure clearer skies, healthier communities and a cleaner planet.
  2. Empower consumers with cleaner fuel choices, unleash our green ingenuity and find creative and cost-effective solutions to help lower emissions today.
  3. Partner with local communities, climate advocates, academic researchers, health professionals and transportation experts to educate policymakers at all levels and spark immediate action to clean up our air.

Executive Director

Advisory Board

Coalition Membership

Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear

Oxnard Mayor John C. Zaragoza

Banning Mayor Colleen Wallace

West Sacramento Mayor Martha Guerrero

Laguna Niguel Mayor Fred Minagar

Rabbi Susan Goldberg

Rabbi Aryeh Cohen

Pastor Eddie Anderson

Pastor Pat Fargas

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